FLOWER GO WALK / Multicolor (Body Color: Black)
FLOWER GO WALK / Multicolor (Body Color: Black)
FLOWER GO WALK / Multicolor (Body Color: Black)
FLOWER GO WALK / Multicolor (Body Color: Black)
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FLOWER GO WALK / Multicolor (Body Color: Black)

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【Product Details】
Item size:8.0 × 8.0 × 3.8 cm
Product weight: 230g

[Terms of Purchase]
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1. The contents, quantity, color, size, price, shipping time, and other conditions of the product shall be as described in the customer's order and these Terms.
2. When the customer clicks on the Order button, the order is confirmed at that time.
Once an order is confirmed, it cannot be canceled (the sales agreement cannot be canceled), returned, or exchanged by the customer for any reason whatsoever.
3. If a product is returned to us without being received by the customer after attempted delivery, we will keep the product for 3 months after the return and, upon the customer's request, will re-deliver the product (delivery costs to be borne by the customer).
However, if the customer does not accept the product delivery within the said 3-month period, regardless of the reason, the customer shall be deemed to have relinquished ownership of the product at the end of the said period, and the product shall be disposed of the discretion of the Company.
4.The customer may not make any changes to the details of the purchase (size, color, quantity, etc.) or delivery address once the order is confirmed.
Once an order has been confirmed, no products can be added to the order, and multiple orders cannot be shipped together (no bundled shipment).
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In such cases, we will refund the price of the product minus the shipping costs.

*The purchase of this product is limited to 20 units per type per person.
*By placing your order, you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms above.
Please make sure you have understood and agreed to the above before placing your order.
Be sure to also read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale listed within our web store before placing your order.

[Delivery time]

The items will be shipped in the order that they become ready for delivery.
Orders placed in November 2023 will be shipped starting early December 2023 on a rolling basis.
Orders placed in early December 2023 will be shipped starting mid-December 2023 on a rolling basis.
The order of delivery may differ from the numerical order of your order numbers.
We are unable to accommodate any delivery date and time requests.

Shipping Cost:
1 - 4 pcs: JPY1,600
5 - 16 pcs: JPY2,100
17 - 20 pcs: JPY2,500
21 - 50 pcs: JPY3,200
51 - 66 pcs: JPY3,400
67 - 71 pcs: JPY5,000
72 - 99 pcs: JPY5,500
100 - 120 pcs: JPY5,900
121 - 162 pcs: JPY6,800
163 - 200 pcs: JPY10,200
201 - 260 pcs: JPY13,600
261 - 330 pcs: JPY17,000
331 - 395 pcs: JPY20,400
396 - 460 pcs: JPY23,800
461 - 540 pcs: JPY27,200

Rucksack Vest: JPY2,100
If you buy Vest added to FLOWER GO WALK, JPY2,100 extra shipping cost will be added.
*Shoulder Strap counts as 0.5 FLOWER GO WALK pcs.

When your order is shipped, we will notify the tracking number via e-mail at the address you provided at the time of purchase.
Please note that you will not be able to specify delivery date or time. Please be aware of this fact when making your purchase.
Out-of-stock items will automatically be canceled.

Due to the possible spread of the new coronavirus, there may be delays in delivery.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

[Other Notes]
(1) Purchases can only be made through our web store.
We do not accept reservations or orders by phone or e-mail, nor do we offer these items for sale at our physical store.
(2) We accept payment by credit card only.
There will be no refunds, returns, or replacements after purchase.
(3) Payment must be made by the person who placed the order. We do not accept payment by proxy.
(4) Please understand that sales may be suspended in the event of frequent violations of etiquette, such as the use of bots.